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Keelan’s mentalism show will certainly make your occasion exciting and most of all amusing. Keelan has performed his mentalism ability on hundreds of TV shows around the world and is a regular choice, for congresses, award galas and all kinds of company events.

Keelan’s mentalism show is developed with the business audience in mind, for individuals that are intelligent. The mentalism program is the supreme packs tiny plays massive type of act so is suitable for most venues despite how tiny or how big they are.

If you want your event to be the talk of the year the this kind of Mentalism program is the ideal entertainment for a business function to make that a reality.


Mentalist Keelan has performed his style of show for all types of audiences, whether it’s a tiny group of people or a massive stadium a mentalism performance never ever stops working to excite even one of the most cynical of minds and this is why Keelan’s mentalism show is booked time and time again!

A Mentalist is best for cutting edge events which have smart delegates and who possibly are a little bit skeptical as well as for people that assume they have actually seen it all!

“Keelan captured the audience’s attention as soon as he stood on stage and following Keelan’s impressive introduction to the evening he continued to engage with all of the guests and leave them all with memories of an unforgettable experience. Volkswagen has received nothing but positive feedback from the attendees of the evening, and would highly recommend Keelan to any company looking for a unique twist to an event.”
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A Mind reader is a performer that appears to display super intelligence that surpasses human knowledge using numerous methods designed by magicians as well as psychologists to create the look of something amazing that defies explanation. Whether it’s revealing your very first animal, your first kiss or your smartphone pin code your audience will certainly be left truly astonished.

Mentalism is a type of magic that has actually grabbed the focus as well as interest of individuals for countless years, often deemed psychic or mystic, it is a genre of magic that constantly gets the media.

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